Friday, January 13, 2012

Cake Pops

I had some leftover cake scraps in the fridge, from the baby shower cake, so I decided to make cake pops.  I mean, what else can you do with the tops of cakes that you level off besides make them into cake pops? Spoon leftover buttercream on them and eat them by the hand fulls?  Cake pops are the best choice!  I was in a hurry, so I didn't do anything fancy.  I just dipped them in some red candy melts and packaged them together in 3's to hand out at school.
They weren't cute like the ones I made for Andrew's teacher on her birthday...
Not creative, like the "Monster Pops" for Halloween
Not even hand molded "Eve Pops" for Andrew's WallE party.... (Those were tough!)
I apologize for the quality.  That was a pre-smartphone cell phone photo!
I just stuck with the plain Jane red ones, which are MUCH faster to make.  LOL  

So, how do you make a cake pop, you say?  Simple!  
Step 1: Crumb up a cake (or cake scraps)
Step 2:  You have a couple of options here.
        A: Mix in your favorite frosting or do what I do, thanks to a tip from a BFF:
        B:  Mix in your favorite flavor of coffee creamer.  
COFFEE CREAMER?  YES!  Personally, I either use Italian Sweet Cream or Belgian Chocolate Toffee.  I have used cinnamon vanilla for vanilla cake before, but you know I'm more of a chocolate girl.   I don't measure how much I put in there, just eye ball it.  But BEWARE: don't put too much or you'll end up with a gooey mess and the balls won't stick together!
Step 3: Roll cake/icing and/or coffee creamer mixture into balls.  
Step 4: Put them in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes; just long enough to harden.  You don't want them to freeze completely.  
Step 5: Following the directions on the package, melt "candy melts" in a microwave safe bowl. (What?  You have to say that or someone out there will put aluminum in the microwave!)
Step 6: Dip cake balls into melted chocolate (candy melts).  You can either use toothpicks to dip or use lollypop sticks.  
Step 7: Gently tap off excess chocolate and stick the pop in a block of styrofoam (or the handy dandy cake pop decorator by Wilton.)
Viola! You have cake pops. 

I plan on making some for Andrew's Valentine party at school.  I saw a picture online at CakePop Gallery that I'm going to try.  Pigs!  Be My Valen-SWINE!...Get it? :)

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  1. YOu can also eat the cakes scraps in a bowl with milk of coffee creamer for breakfast.. just sayin. And.. in my defense, I heard that from Kristina A!