Sunday, September 29, 2013

Go Spartans!

I airbrushed this 1/2 sheet cake for my nephew.  He plays football (obviously) and was very excited to be able to "eat" his own face!

Here's the birthday boy with his cake.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Princess Palooza!

I made a princess cake for a little sweetie.  Her favorites are: Sophia, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel (in that order), so those are the princesses that made it on the cake.  The cake is covered in buttercream and the princesses are made of royal icing.  
 Here's a close up of the princesses.  I'm no artist by any means and drawing especially has never been my strong suit.  Some of these gals turned out better than others.  Being made of royal icing, they are VERY fragile.  I broke Ariel in 2 places, but luckily I was able to "glue" her back together with more royal icing.
 Aurora probably turned out the best.
 Cinderella, however did not have the same fate.  She is my absolute favorite princess so I was a little disappointed when she ended up looking a little distorted.  Other than her crazy eyes, she looks great. 
It was a fun cake to make and I hope Princess Anna had a great birthday!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Mermaid Under The Sea!

What fun today's cake was!  From time to time I donate gift certificates to our consignment sale and MOMs group.  A friend of mine won the gift certificate and she used it for a mermaid/under the sea cake for her daughter's 2nd birthday.  Here's the result:  

seahorse and clownfish on one side
 friendly purple octopus on the other!
fondant mermaid cake topper

I've been wanting to try fondant cake toppers for a while, but I was WAY intimidated.  Leave it to me to take on something not so simple for my first go.  (Yep, this was my FIRST FONDANT FIGURE EVER!)  Though she's pretty rough around the edges and it took me 3 tries to get her face molded I think it turned out quite well!  *I used My Cupcake Addiction's tutorial for help.*  Here's how the process went:
First, I put a lollipop stick in some gumpaste and let it dry.  Then I made the tail and attached it to the stick.
 Next, I shaped the torso.
 Then after 3 tries and lots of drying I attached her head.
 Then came arms.
 Then shells and hair.
 Finally, I painted her face and attached a few more pieces of hair.

She was a labor of love and like I said, she's not perfect, but I'm proud of how she turned out.  A few things I learned: 
* My fondant was just a touch to thin.  How do I know this?  Because her torso started sagging causing her to look like an old wrinkled lady.  At one point I had to remove her hair and let her dry out some more.
* I need some GOOD detail brushes.  When it came time to add the details to the face, I realized my food grade brushes were all too wide.  The detail you see on her face was done completely with TOOTHPICKS!  That's why her mouth isn't as pretty as I had hoped.  

Since my fondant was a little soft, I actually used a little added support when I put her on the cake.  I stuck her down on the skewer that goes through the whole cake.  Hey, I didn't say it was pretty...but she was up there!

And the most important thing I learned?  I CAN DO FONDANT FIGURES!!!