Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cosmic Bowling Cake

My second cake this weekend was for an 8 year old who had her party at the bowling alley.  Her mom wanted a "cosmic bowling" themed cake.  I thought about black lights and that took me to "black icing" and neon colors.  This is the end result:
 I tried a new recipe for chocolate marshmallow fondant.  It was "ok" but I found it was a littler drier than my other recipes.  (It still tasted delicious.  I've been enjoying the left over fondant.)  I also tried a new powdered sugar this time.  I was very disappointed.  It wasn't as powder fine as it should have been.  I'll keep the brand nameless since there are lots of their products that I do enjoy.  However, it's best to stick with name brands.  The only off brand that I've found to be just as good is Walmart's Great Value.  (Just a little F.Y.I.)  
Anyway, my mom was in town for the weekend and asked if there was anything she could do to help.  I gave her some fondant and told her to put her playdoh skills to work.  So she gets credit for the bowling pins!  (Thanks Mom)

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