Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cake Pop Tutorial

I've been asked several times lately about how to make a cake pop.  I've explained it briefly before in a post, but maybe this will be a little more clear.  I'm sorry there are no pictures for the first couple of steps.

First, bake a cake (any flavor) and crumb it to pieces in a bowl.  I know it's hard to destroy a freshly baked cake, but it's for a good cause- cake pops!  Next, add a little frosting of your choice. OR as I have mentioned before, I like to use coffee creamer; coffeemate italian sweet cream to be exact. *I don't know how much to add because I never measure.  I simply eyeball it.  But be careful not to add too much.  They'll fall apart if they're too soggy!*  Start with about a tablespoon.  You can always add more icing/creamer.  If they're too soggy your only choice is to bake more cake.  
When you have a good mixture, roll the cake into balls.  You can pretty much make them as big or as small as you'd like, but just be careful not to make them too large.  The heavier they are, the less likely they are to stay on the stick.  

Your next step is to melt some candy melts either with a double boiler or in the microwave on half power for 30 seconds at a time; stirring in between intervals.  
 Take a lollipop stick and dip it into the melted chocolate to help secure the pop to the stick. Then stick the cake ball onto the stick.
 Dip the pop straight down and straight up in the chocolate.
 Gently tap the cake pop on the edge while rotating to lose the excess chocolate.  
 Let them dry.  If you don't have the cute cake pop holder you can use a block of styrofoam.
Now, go make your cake pops!  Have fun!

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